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In three continuous years from 2010 to 2012, Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam has always been listed in the Top 500 Largest Vietnamese Enterprises, Top 1000 Vietnam Biggest Enterprises Paying Income Tax and Top 500 Vietnam Fastest Growing Enterprise. VNR500 Club is held by Vietnam Report in collaboration with VietnamNet and other communication units for 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises only. 


Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam is using the ISO 9000 series standards in the Northern market; this is the series of standards that are issued by the International Standard Organization to set the standards for the quality management system that could be applied widely and effectively in all organizations for all fields of production, business and service. The ISO 9000 series standards specify requirements upon enterprises to ensure strategic and systematical management. The ISO 9000 series standards deal with the key fields in quality management: Policy and method of quality control; design and production; control of material supply process and technological stages; control of service and product consumption process; management of personnel, documentations and accurate assessment of internal situation; The ISO 9000 series standards are not the series on product but on quality management system; thus, certification means the certification for the system.

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 Certifications and other achievements obtained by Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam

Chung chi-01

Certificate of 424th Rank of Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam among the Vietnam Biggest Enterprises Paying Income Rax in 2012

Chung chi-04             

Certificate of Quality of Japfa Brown 2008

Chung chi-03

Certificate of 139th Rank of Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam in the Top 500 Largest Vietnamese Enterprises

Chung chi-02

Certificate of Conformity to ISO 9001- 2008

Chung chi-07



HACCP Certification 


iso 20000


ISO 22000:2005 Certification