Japfa Vietnam

Japfa Group was established in January 1971 under the name of PT Java Pelletizing Ltd as a joint-venture between PT Perusahaan Dagang & Industry Ometraco and Internationlale Graanhandel Thegra NV of the Netherlands, operating in the fields of food production, breed provision, processing of products from cow for meat, cow for milk, marine aquaculture and processing. JAPFA is the abbreviation name of Java Pelletizing Factory (The first bran pellet factory on Java Island). Since its establishment in Indonesia at the beginning of the 1970s, Japfa Group has had its members located in many countries such as India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Singapore, etc.

Operation 4

In 1995, Japfa invested into Vietnam under the join-venture form with the Vietnam Livestock Corporation; until 1999, this joint-venture company became the 100% foreign-owned company under the name of Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam, with its headquarter located in Vinh Phuc Province. Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam is now one of 03 leading Vietnamese companies that operate in the food industry, agriculture and breeding sector, with the system of closed poultry business, production modeled farms, from grandparent, parent breeding farms, incubation, breeding factory to enterprise combining raiser cooperation form. Presently, Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam is developing the system widely with 05 factories located in Vinh Phuc, Long An, Hoa Binh, Thai Binh, Binh Thuan and thousands of agents throughout the country.  

With the vision of becoming the leading company specialized in providing animal protein originated nutrition solutions, apart from organizing regularly the conferences on training, sharing knowledge on raising, experiences in breeding facilities management and epidemics control, the Company always makes its best efforts in conducting researches on creating products with the outstanding features in conformity with each development period of the animals. All input material resources are selected from prestigious suppliers and inspected closely in term of quality, sanitation, etc., before storing. Each stage in the processing procedure is performed under the supervision of the leading experts in the raising field to ensure that the products satisfy the domestic and international quality standards sufficiently.  

In Vietnam, Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam is now one of three biggest companies that have the closed raising model with the list of quality and diversified products.  

1. Scope of animal feed business: 


2. Scope of pig business: 


3. Scope of poultry business: 


Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam has been always listed in the Top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises, Top 1000 Vietnam biggest enterprises paying income tax since 2010. 

 Determining the human resources as the centre of the developments, in Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam, we are always proud of being the gathering place of more than 4000 positive, highly experienced and enthusiastic individuals who make devotions together to help Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam achieve the equal status in the region and confirm the position in the market square.  

Bringing the mission of “Cooperation for Common Properity”, Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam always puts itself into position of partners, customers to create a favorable business environment, contributing to the cause of building and developing the livestock sector of Vietnam.