At Japfa Vietnam, sustainable development is the core goal of all business activities. We focus on developing products from refined raw materials, well operated farm system with highest biosecurity level and best farming practices, creating the best food source for humans. At the same time, the company is coordinating at the highest level with stakeholders in many projects to support the community, especially children, protect the environment, develop the quality of local labor, etc. towards common prosperity for the whole society.

Japfa for Kids

Japfa for Kids is a CSR program for children. In Vietnam, we develop projects to bring better education quality to students with disadvantages by improving learning conditions and environment, improving physical health by supplies food to the kitchens and provides training courses for teachers. Over the years, we have provided millions of meals for children, helping to improve facilities such as toilets, playgrounds and equipping schools with thousands of computers, televisions, projectors, etc, nationwide.


Care & Share

With the goal of sharing and spreading good values to the community, Japfa Vietnam implements the "Care & Share" program with a series of activities such as planting trees, donating blood, supporting the poor, and restoring areas affected by natural disasters... This comprehensive project is flexibly implemented with the participation of Japfa staff to maximize support to the community where the company operates.


Sustainability Stories


Japfa & partners join hands for children in Binh Phuoc


Japfa Vietnam accompanies children to school


Gift 10,000 DOC to the people in Tuyen Quang province