PS gilts: Expor YL

Potential Achievement:

Farrowing rate (%)


Total born/litters (head)


Liveborn/litters (head)


Weaned/litters (head)


Litter/sow/year :


Piglets weaned/sow/year (head):


Excellent performance:

Overall structural sow soundness

Maintain performance targets

Have a long productive lifetime

More functional teats

Colostrum quality and quantity

Heavier birth weight litters (lower pre-weaning mortality, greater weaning weights, reaching full value in fewer days).

Good mothering ability

Good behavior:

sociable, calm and well suited for all housing systems.

Valuable Finishers

The Expor YL litters have a more uniform weight at birth that gives the piglets a strong start in life and better performance throughout the growing period. With the Expor YL you have a lean sow that produces finishers with better ADG, FCR, fat depth, muscle depth and lean meat percentage—giving you a significant advantage."