Japfa sharing 2023’s strategy to swine customers


On May 24th, Japfa Comfeed Vietnam - Swine South organized a customer gathering in Mira Hotel – Dong Nai province to share the company's strategy and the operation department's plans. Mr. Arif Widjaja, General Director of Japfa Vietnam, conveyed the company's visions, values, and unveiled new plans and facilities for 2023.

At the event, Mr. Clemens Tan, Commercial Director, South Asia, and Indochina, cum Head of Swine South, shared key priorities and focuses of the swine operation. He emphasized the importance of social responsibility in providing high-quality meat at affordable prices and the collaboration with pig traders, slaughterers, and meat retailers to enhance food safety standards and contribute to environmental protection. Mr. Clemens underscored the aim of sustainability by maximizing productivity with minimal resources and fostering mutual prosperity with customers, partners, and employees.
Japfa is committed to continuous improvement by implementing automation and advanced technology, optimizing the modern farm system, enhancing genetics for superior meat quality and quantity, wastewater treatment, and aspiring for future development.
The attendees highly praised the Japfa management team for organizing the meeting, as it provided an opportunity for mutual understanding and valuable exchanges of ideas. They cherished the chance to contribute their thoughts to the company's growth and improvement journey together.


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