Town Hall Meeting: Drive Changes, Drive Growth


Town Hall Meeting 2023 has taken place in 4 branches including Long An feed mill, Dong Nai office, Binh Thuan feed mill, and Binh Dinh feed mill, utilizing both face-to-face and online formats. This meeting serves as a platform for the Board of Directors to provide updates on business results, discuss future development strategies, and address inquiries from employees.

During the event, Mr. Arif Widjaja - General Director, acknowledged the challenges faced by the livestock industry in 2022. However, he highlighted the team's unwavering dedication and effort, resulting in the successful completion of significant projects for Japfa Vietnam. Notable achievements included the construction of a seventh feedmill and poultry slaughterhouse in Binh Phuoc, the launch of the first aqua feed factory in Long An, and the establishment of a modern poultry hatchery in Dak Lak. “In the new phase, we will focus on optimizing operational efficiency by streamlining processes and enhancing cost-effectiveness”, he emphasized.
The program received valuable feedback from participants. Addressing employees' questions regarding the upcoming development plans, Mr. Nguyen Cong Phuong, Head of Feed in the South shared that the animal feed segment’s focus on maintaining its core product line, implementing promotions to support farmers in re-herding, researching new product lines, and enhancing strategic agency models and the sales team's capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction.
Mr. Pham Van Tuan - Head of HR & GA, encouraged individuals to maximize their potential and successfully execute assigned tasks in order to achieve the set business goals. During the interactive session, he emphasized the importance of solidarity, synergy, and adaptability as key factors for enhancing the quality of human resources.
In an update from the Board of Directors, it was announced that the Vaksindo factory project in Hung Yen had commenced operations. This project aims to advance internal vaccine research and development, contributing to the overall disease safety of livestock farms nationwide. The Vaksindo project holds great promise in improving Japfa Vietnam's business efficiency in the coming time.






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